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ir500 is Canada's premier online computer store, and one of Canada’s leading technology resellers. Customers can build their own computers online and find the cheapest and best computer accessories, parts, and the latest and greatest electronics.

NCIX offers more than 200,000 products with real-time pricing, dependable order fulfillment and fast shipping in Canada and the US, and aims to deliver the best technology, selection, and service. Most NCIX orders are shipped the same day at some of the most competitive rates in the business with no hidden fees or charges. Be sure to sign up for the NCIX affiliate program and start earning today!

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  • Payout: 0.5% CPS
  • Average Sale: $299.41
  • Conversion Rate: 3.5%


  • Offers: Available
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  • Text Links: Available
  • Banners: Available
  • Product Feed: Active


  • Promo Code: Restricted

    Promo code policy for NCIX:

    The NCIX program has policy restrictions. Please review the affiliate terms and conditions to ensure compliance of all policies. Sales outside the policy may be reversed, commissions may not be paid and publishers may be terminated.

    Promotional Code Policy: Restricted

    Policy Description: Publishers are only permitted to use authorized codes.